Integrated Counselling for Adults

Person Centred Counselling integrated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychodynamic approaches - an integrated method of therapy to meet your individual needs. 

 Counselling is often referred to as a 'talking therapy' and is confidential service that is held in a safe and comfortable space. 

Counselling can empower, build confidence and self esteem.

 It is a confidential way of exploring your past and present experiences. 

Counselling can help you to take control of your life.

It promotes positive communication.

 It can help with a issues ranging from depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss, relationship breakdown, stress and anger.

Counselling is available from  South Shields, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear,

From £45 per 60 min session for clients aged 18 plus. Discount for students. Student Id. is required 


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Outdoor Counselling

Walk and Talk  and Outdoor Counselling combines therapy with the environment and is becoming increasingly popular.

 Research has shown that walking and regular exposure to nature helps to boost mood, gives greater clarity, motivation and improves perspective and positive mindset.. 

Within Tyne and Wear there is an abundance of peaceful and beautiful landscapes from urban spaces to coastal and countryside where sessions can take place. 

Walking for 5 minutes can decrease blood pressure and improve mood. Walking for up to 1 hour can help to reduce negative thoughts and anxiety.

Outdoor Counselling is available to under 16's from West Boldon Lodge, Tyne and Wear. 


From £42 per session 

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Online Counselling

Being able to access therapy via video chat means you can receive therapy where and when it suits you, from home, work or abroad. 

Its convenient, no travel expenses and increases confidentiality.

This service is by prior appointment only and not for crisis or emergency support.

The Zoom App is required for this service. To download and use the basic package is free of charge. 


From £40 per session.

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Children and Young Peoples Counselling

Counselling creates a safe space for your child to talk in confidence about any issues effecting their life. 

I use a wide range of activities and play to help children express themselves so they can explore any challenges they are facing.

I listen without judgement and guide children to understand their thoughts feelings and behaviours. 

Supporting your child's mental health with counselling can hep them to build healthy relationships. 

Counselling can help when; there has been a bereavement, family breakdown, difficulties with friendships, bullying and social situations.

It can help with anxious and sad feelings, low self esteem and difficulty adapting to change. 

Workshops to support children are held throughout the year that focus on; understanding and regulating BIG feelings, building confidence and self-esteem, friendships, growth mindset, change and anxiety.


Available from South Shields and Gateshead, From £38 per session (17yrs and under)

Fees are due to increase from January 2020

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Counselling and Mindfulness for  Schools and Organisations

Some of the benefits Counselling and Mindfulness can bring to schools include; improved attendance, higher academic achievement, empathy, emotional regulation and overall well-being.

I encourage a whole school approach to mental health and well-being, offering on site services to pupils, staff, parents and carers.

Experience of working with children with Special Educational Needs, meeting EHCP requirements and  behaviour that challenges.

Individual and small group well-being or solution focused workshops

Confidential sessions for frontline staff..

Ofsted are introducing changes in the way educational settings approach mental health from 2019. Schools will start incorporating mindfulness and counselling in education from September this year. 

We are happy to create a bespoke well-being package to meet your requirements. 

Quotation available on request.

"A Child's mental health is just as important as their physical health"

Kate Middleton.

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 Foundation for Infant Loss Services

We offer Accredited Foundation for Infant Loss Services; including loss and bereavement counselling and support to anyone affected by the sudden death of a infant.  


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Coaching Therapy

 Coaching helps people identify and  achieve personal and professional goals.

It can identify blind spots and make better use of your time, resources and abilities. 

 Coaching is a form of counselling that helps people organise,  prioritise and solve problems. 

Working together to identify and removing obstacles or challenges that stand in your way of your  ambitions. 

It can help break down negative belief patterns, help you to act with act with clarity, communicate assertively and get what you want out of life. 

It can provide clarity and new perspectives.

Available from South Shields and Gateshead, from £42 per session.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a language, sensory and behaviour  based intervention that improves self awareness, confidence and communication skills. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps you to understand  that your perception of the world around you effects how you interact within it. 

Using NLP technics you can change negative thought and behaviour patterns, values and beliefs that are blocking your healing or path to success. 

Available from South Shields and Gateshead, from £35 per session.

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Awareness of ourselves and the world around us helps us to understand ourselves better and is a essential part of well being. It helps us to stay in the present moment.

 Mindfulness can increase feelings of being in control, increase your resilience, reduce anxiety and depression and improve sleep.  

Combining Mindfulness in your therapy can improve mental health and well being by nurturing the whole person and being resent in the moment.

Mindful Walking, Forest Bathing now available in Tyne and Wear. 

I run a FREE monthly Mindful Walk in South Tyneside. Get in touch for more info.

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Creating bespoke integrated wellbeing packages and providing individual therapies to ensure your needs are met. 

Sessions are by prior appointment only, this is not a crisis/emergency service. 

An initial consultation is essential  before sessions can commence.

All sessions must be pre-booked and paid for in advance via bank transfer. 

Terms, conditions and 48hr cancellation policy applies. 

Fees are due to increase from January 2020.